Pluck & Rail

Pluck & Rail is the acoustic intersection of Andrew Sussman of the prog-rock heavyweights, Frogg Café, and George Gierer of the folkabilly band, South County. George bought his first guitar at age 17 and moved to Austin, TX, where he soaked up the sounds of the south and was forever changed. After hearing hearing Eddie Van Halen at the age of 15, the classically-trained cellist Sussman starting spinning Bach into the blues and Beethoven into Zappa.

Pluck & Rail’s debut album Trigger is an eclectic song series telling tales of misfits and mishaps that would make Tom Waits smile. A rare acoustic album that navigates the waters of folk, blues, country and sometimes punk, George and Andy harmonize and sing of the darker side of life: bodysnatching, addiction, divorce, hospitals and graveyards. Pluck & Rail believe that in our bumps and bruises we find our true beauty.